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Panerai Ferrari Replica

Eilean, a 22m Bermudan ketch made in 1936 and renovated by Officine Panerai Ferrari Replica

You have come a long distance.

There were only a handful of good men in the beginning. Now, there are 720 people around the globe - 320 in manufacturing. Every morning, I am proud of the people who work at Panerai Ferrari Replica. Our micro-universe is full of passion, love, tragedy, comedy, and laughter. 700 people can live in this universe. They can think, feel, cry,Replica Panerai Ferrari love, and can even suffer. It's amazing. It's a popular place to stay. Richemont holds the record for staff retention. Because the show is magical, people love to stay. This is what distinguishes the brand and I hope it will continue in the future.

What is it about Panerai Ferrari Replica that makes it so special?

It is the ability to believe in a project, in a dream and to make it work. To feel more than an employee, people must be enthusiastic and informal. My door is always open,omega replica watches and I seldom use the telephone. Panerai Ferrari Replica is symbolic to me because I prefer to talk to people by calling them in my office.

Your place in fine watchmaking history is established. But what do you want your legacy to look like?

I am proud of the 21 years I have spent building the brand, opening two boutiques, in-house movements, complex watches, and the first international store. But, most importantly, I want my legacy to be the CEO who dreamed.



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